December 10th – Christmas Shopping

1999:  Into bed with mum in the early hours again and awoke again later screaming “Mummy I in kitchen and fell over backwards and Al caught me”.  One nightmare over.   I asked for soup for breakfast – so soup it was, but my bums still running!  We had to take mummy’s car in for a service and they gave us a blue metro for the day.  We went to Macro where mummy bought me a big box of Milky Way magic stars (just the thing for my bum in it’s current state) and lots of Christmas presents.  We went to the park on the way home and then to ASDA to find Nanny.  We bought Pa a hot water bottle with a fluffy owl covering – all my own choice.  Mummy’s getting so excited about Christmas.  We went home and wrapped up lots of pressies but I got a bit bored after a while and went to the garden to play – even though it is very cold today.  Mummy said we had to go back to the garage to collect her car but I didn’t want to go – I want to keep the new one.  I told mummy that Father Christmas is going to come soon and he is going to bring me a fire engine, police car, train and train track and a big big lorry.  She said “oh, is that all?” and I said, “Well I want lots anyway!”   I  wanted to do a wee in my potty on my own so mum let me go in the kitchen (washable floor).  This went very well until I decided to move the potty.  The trail across the kitchen floor wasn’t too bad but the point where it spilt and wee went all under the kick boards wasn’t so good (as mum chose to constantly remind me, whilst on hands and knees, screwdriver and cloths in hand). 

2019:  Still need to get Christmas pressies for my secret santa and Zof and I have now decided to buy a little something for each other but it will have to wait until pay day which should come Christmas Eve. Ipswich today for Zof to look at a Mercedes she likes. It is nice but another £230 to find each month ……..

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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