December 9th – Another Messy Day with Cryptosporidium, Stress and Crohn’s

1999:   In bed with mummy following a very upset tummy and bed!  We got up at half six to more diarrhoea and then mummy got it too (at least I might get a bit more sympathy now!)  Mummy stayed home today and Nanny came round with soup, lemonade, juice and water (I could get used to this).  I had a play in the garden for an hour, all wrapped up very warm.  I had some tomato soup and bread and then mummy and I had to go over to the launderette to wash my quilt.  We had a wander around and I saw lots of Father Christmas ornaments in the shop windows.  I helped mummy put some decorations up and I thought they looked very pretty.  I had a nap this afternoon and whilst I was sleeping mummy had another go at putting all my paintings on my bedroom wall – hopefully they’ll stay up this time.  Awoke briefly at 5.45 for a wee, a poo and a drink then fell asleep again until 7.45 when I had to get up to do another wee and poo!  Mum and I watched a bit of telly and then we went up to my bedroom to look at my pictures.  I was very pleased and of course had to show them all to Po – she was very impressed too.  We eventually went to bed at 10!

2019: Had a great night last night catching up although the food wasn’t great. Tummy troubles continue all these years on but I did make it into work. I got there an hour early in case someone was sitting at my desk – and they were. S0 ensued the moving all my stuff and cleaning down of another desk. Spoke to boss about having a fixed desk that is only mine and no-one else can use but this isn’t possible. He doesn’t realise that after cleaning down a desk each day leaves me exhausted before I’ve even started. I really couldn’t cope and came home sick. Went to mums this afternoon and slept on her settee for a couple of hours. Zof and Mark  joined us after work for another Chinese, Tipping Point, Cash Trapped, a movie and Gogglebox. Mum tried to apply for Gogglebox tonight but her email got rejected. 

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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