December 7th – Empty Tummy Days

1999: Was apparently into bed with mum in the ‘way too early hours’, but I was raring to go.  I did settle back down to sleep though until half 6.  Diarrhoea again this morning but made it to the loo on the five further occasions through the day.  Well I thought Mummy was weird last night scooping up my poo, but this morning she actually posted it through the doctor’s letterbox.  Has she fallen out with them or something?  Went to a Christmas party today and saw Father Christmas who gave me a book.  Haven’t eaten all day – not even the lovely party food.  Mummy came home from work to collect me (as she said she would) and brought a present for me.  I now have a miniature (finger) skateboard like all the other boys have.  Wow.  It went up to the bath with me tonight and I fell asleep holding it on the settee at six.

2019: Woke up on my settee this morning when mum got up from sleeping the night in my bed. I had a really bad day yesterday. Had been awake most of Thursday night with stomach cramps and couldn’t face work. Didn’t eat all day because I was stressy and depressy and didn’t wanna get up and make anything or go out anywhere. At 6pm I’m like “Right. Get up and cook because you need to eat”. I used every last ounce of my energy to cook pasta, dished it all up and dropped it all over the kitchen floor. I then sat on the floor with it and cried. Facetimed mum and she  insisted on coming  over and we got a Chinese. She promised we could just sit in silence and watch a movie. She sat there knitting and thought she was at knit and natter for at least 30 minutes before she realised her promise! Who needs superheroes when you have a mum!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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