December 4th – When You’re in a Good Place

1999:  This morning  I went to play with my toys in my bedroom but the mattress was in the way of the wardrobes where all my toys were.  Mum said to play with my fire engines instead – but they were all downstairs so down we went. She had put a hanging Christmas tree on the wall and I said, “Oh mummy, I love it!”  She’d even hung my tree decoration on it.  We had scrambled eggs on toast for brekkie and then I had a bath due to a poo accident in my pyjamas, which once again I’d tried to sort out.  Oops!  We packed the swimming bags and headed for Nan’s to feed the cat but Nanny and Pa were there!  We stayed for a quick cuppa and pressies – I got Edinburgh rock.  Just as we were about to leave the neighbours knocked to say they had driven into Mummy’s car.  Oops again!   We called in to the garage to book the car for an MOT, which they can do today.  We drove to Wickford to see if the pool was open – it wasn’t, so we had a wander around the town, bought doughnuts and chomped them on the way to the MOT.  The car passed its test and we were finally on our way to Maldon and swimming.  We got to the pool, got out, and then mummy realised she’d forgotten her costume!  I don’t see the problem.  I thought she was very unfair making me get back in the car.  We went to Aunty Eesa’s just round the corner to borrow one of her costumes and we ended up staying until 4.30.  Mummy did ask if I wanted to go swimming but I kept saying “not yet”.  We didn’t end up going but we did go to Donals drive through for tea and then on to Aunty Karen’s where we had more dinner!  We left at eight and I was gracefully transferred from car to bed whilst pushing out the zzzzz’s.

2019: Mum kept that Christmas tree decoration, and many others, for 14 years until one of her exes decided to take it and dispose of it along with all the decorations we collected each year on our travels. I cannot possibly write here what I think of him!

Not such a busy day today but just as enjoyable. Lovely to get out of the office and learn new stuff and I go 19/20 on my exam. Have been accepted onto Regency door staff and am buzzing to get started (as long as I pass the course tomorrow!). Also considering a progression to protection training in the future. Think I may have found my future career and am feeling in a really good place right now. Mental health and Crohn’s stable and good.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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