December 2nd – Its All A Bit Messy

1999:  up at seven – mum was already up.  What a miracle – she’d even had a bath and so I jumped in the water.  Went to feed the cat and then on to Deedons.  I had diarrhoea today but I did go into the toilet and try and clean it up myself but I seemed to make a bit more of a mess. Mum was sympathetic when she heard as she’d spent a lot of time in the toilet today too.  When we got home, after feeding the cat, I spied my advent calendar, which I hadn’t opened this morning.  Mum showed me which door to open, which I did, and then tipped it up to get more chocolates out.  Well ones a bit boring isn’t it?!  Shortly after this I had to run to the toilet but I didn’t quite make it.  Worse still it had gone on the bathroom floor.  And then I trod in it.  It was everywhere.  I had a bath and got nice and clean, had a lie on the settee watching telly and then off to bed.  

2019:  Well I still run – most days. And since I’ve been old enough to open my own advent calendar …… I usually eat the lot in one go.   Had to be in Norwich for 8am today to start my 4 day door supervisor course. Was a bit nervous as have to do a written test each day but passed todays based on our learning of different laws and arrests. It was really interesting and went really well.

#crohns #kids #parents #doorsupervisor #toilettraining

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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