December 1st – We Were All Disorganised Children (Once?!)

1999:  up at seven – absolutely drenched – big boys Drynites pants aren’t so dry after all.  Milk and marmite sarnies for breakfast whilst mum had a shower.  I answered the phone when it rang and took it upstairs to mummy telling her it was Nanny who was ringing from her holiday (I think she’d rung to check mum hadn’t forgotten the cat this time!)  Went to Deedons and when mum collected me I wanted her to buy me some sweets.  She said we had to go to Nan’s first to feed the cat. “No mummy.  Shops first”.  I was so cute that I won without a fight. Well that and the fact that she knows that it will keep me quiet.   We had to go to Pa’s van to get his ladders; I held the torch whilst mummy fiddled with the key.  Then mummy had to carry the ladders in and go up in the loft and I held them to make sure she didn’t fall and kept asking “all right mummy?”  She came down safely with a big box of photos, to find one that Nanny has asked mummy to send off somewhere of Uncle Terry and there were lots of her as a little girl.  “Where am I mummy”?  She tried to explain the principle but I couldn’t understand it.  I found it very funny though that she had actually been a child too. 

2019:  Working today and then panic stations tonight trying to find my passport for my course registration tomorrow. Rang mum to see if it was there but I eventually found it in the driver’s side door of my car. Mum again told me to get in the habit of filing to save time and stress. She suggested I take this from someone who has learnt – which I found hysterical as when she was looking for my passport at hers she realised hers isn’t where it’s supposed to be. Still its only 6 weeks to Cape verde ……….

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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