November 30th – Beanbag Chilling

1999: Up at seven, downstairs for Play bus.  Had bix for brekkie and then it was off to Deedons – via Nanny’s to feed the cat (mum’s doing well so far).  Aunty Karen picked me up tonight and when mummy got home she found the lounge totally trashed by Agal and me.  We were very proud of our handy work.  We had tea and then we both had a bath.  Mummy took a photo of Agal and I on the bean bags and then we waved them off and I went to bed with new ‘bedtime pants’, milk and Po.       

2019: Early start today. Off to see Terry and Beau in Chigwell. Had a game of crazy golf and then lunch at the Blue Boar. Afterwards Zof and I headed off to Heathrow again to pick up Mark and Keigan following their 5946 thousand mile round trip to watch Man Utd lose!  By the time Id dropped them home I needed that beanbag! Mum watched the new Dumbo today with pink flying elephants 🤣🤣

Another terror attack in London yesterday with stabbings on London Bridge. Luckily members of the public jumped and restrained him but sadly two people lost their life 😔

#kids #mums #grandparents #chigwell #BlueBoar #ManUtd #Kazachstan #London


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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