November 28th – Pigs aren’t Flying but there are Pink Elephants

1999: Got in with mum in the early hours and settled back to sleep until 7.15!  We went to see Nanny first thing this morning as it is her birthday tomorrow but she’s working today and in Scotland tomorrow and mummy is in London tonight.  Talk about gallivanting around the country!  We took Nanny’s present and card – which of course I helped Nanny unwrap.  I found my Halloween mask at Nanny’s and ran around being “scary”.  Unfortunately I tripped and hit the corner of the settee with my mouth and nose.  There was lots of blood, yelling and tears. I was very brave and didn’t cry for long and I even sucked on a pink elephant to stop the bleeding!  It wasn’t the real thing though, just a little plastic shape that had been in the freezer cooling in preparation for someone’s drink.  Mummy went to go and tried to take me with her.  I said “no, no.  You London.  Me wave”.  She let me stay with Pa for an hour and collected me mid-morning.  We went to Aunty Eesa’s for lunch and then they took the girls and me to the crèche at Safeway’s.  We had great fun and stayed for an hour and then they came to collect us.  Mummy went off to London and I stayed at Aunty Eesa’s for tea and a bath and then she took me home.  I wanted my mum but I soon settled to bed with juice and sent mum a text message via Aunty Eesa’s phone: ‘Have a good night.  Thinking of you.  I’m fine with Aunty Eesa.  Love you lots mummy.  B happy.  Jack xxx’

2019: Date night did me good. Watched Blue Story which hasn’t been banned at the Odeon but it has at Vue due to a gang fight with pre-teens and teens in one of their cinemas, complete with machetes! Spoke to mum – think I’m just stressed again at the moment due to money and worrying about Christmas. She has reassured me that a token present is fine, being together at Christmas and me being well is the important thing. I’ll try and chill.

#parents #kids #BlueStory #stress #mentalhealth #London #Scotland #grandparents #accidents


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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