November 26th – Another Airport Run

1999:  wide-awake at 5.45.  Al was going to London so we got up to wave him off and then mummy went back to bed.  I watched TV until 7.00 when her alarm went off and continued to do so  whilst mummy snoozed until 7.30!  When we eventually got out of the house I noticed Al’s car parked on the drive.  I excitedly told mummy that Al had lost his car and I had found it “look”.  Apparently he’d taken the train.  Playschool today and when mum asked me what I’d done I responded with “Hmm. Don’t know”.  I do, but does she report her day to me?  A guys got to have some privacy.  We had pasta for tea followed by mummy’s Dorito’s which made me blow off leaving a skid!  Went to the toilet on my own to sort myself out and got in a right old mess!  Nothing that a bath couldn’t sort out. Watched some more telly and then went up the apple and pears with Po and milk.

2019:  Early start today taking Mark and Keigan to Heathrow. They’re flying to Kazakhstan to see Man Utd in the Europa League. Either truly dedicated or mad! Called in to see Pa on my way back, then to mums and then home to bed for some kip. Got into work for my 10pm overtime to be told it had been cancelled and emails had been sent to work addresses which I have not had access to today. Not happy.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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