November 25th – More Money

1999:  I slept right through and then complained that mummy hadn’t let me turn off the alarm.  So we snoozed and I got it the next time!  Got up to watch Playbus and then Taz, whilst getting dressed.  Decided to take Po with me today and I kept her close by all day, as I didn’t want the others getting their grubby paws on her.  Was grumpy when mum collected me as Dan had just knocked all my building over.  I wasn’t happy – I had found it far more fun to knock everyone else’s building over – in fact I did it for most of the afternoon. I chose beans on toast for tea but then decided to only eat the beans. I was too tired for my bath tonight so mummy dressed Po and I in pyjamas and we went straight to bed instead.

2019: Stayed at mums last night as early car drop off to VW for service and Cam belt. Mum and I went to visit our old neighbour Gemma and baby Hunter this morning and then Mum took me into work. She is collecting my car later as I’m working until 8pm. Another shell out just shy of £500. So glad I’ve got the credit card of mum (not the bank as she’s skint too) I also have my car to tax. Bonus is they are offering 4 hours overtime at work from 10pm until 2am for computer updates so I’m all booked in from tomorrow.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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