November 23rd – Travel Insurance and Crohns

1999: Up again at seven and found mummy in the bath, drinking tea and eating toast – so I pinched her last bit.  Had a little sleep this afternoon and woke up with the devil in me!  I punched Alex (another child minded by Deedon) in the eye three times and she cried.  She’s new, and playing with my things, perhaps we’ve seen the last of her now and I can play in peace.  Mum met me at the swimming pool car park tonight, I didn’t really want her but I had to give in and get in the car eventually.  We munched ham sandwiches on the way home but I gave up eating when I got distracted by mum’s sunglasses and decided to put them on instead.  Who turned out the lights?  When we got home mummy and I made pizza for tea (made fresh – not frozen!!) and we eventually ate at seven, following a break for a bath due to a poo incident that occurred.

2019:  Back to work today and trying to sort out holiday insurance for Cape Verde which mum booked this morning! We are off to Boa Vista on 10th January in a hotel that looks a bit like a sandcastle. We should have thought about my Crohns and insurance before booking. Have to go to a specialist agent for £230 for just one week! Tonight we went to B&M and bought our first Christmas Tree together and lots of lights and baubles.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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