November 20th – Swimming in Chores

1999:  Up at seven and played nicely in my room until 8.30 when mummy dragged herself from her pit.  Mummy’s nail lady came round and then we went swimming.  Billy was there (my regular diving pal) and we had great fun jumping between the shallow pool and bubble pool and watching the adults trying to keep up with us.  That is until I discovered two teenage girls I had my eye on.  Then I had mummy swimming all-round the pool, with me on her back, following them around.  When mummy finally managed to drag me from the pool we had a shower and went to the cafe where we had doughnut and cake.  I carried the tray nicely to the table but as I went to put it down the tray tipped and my cake went everywhere.  Mummy got me another one and then we joined Billy, his mum and dad and baby brother Harry at their table.  We went to Aunty Karen’s and I was very pleased to see Agal, giving her big kisses and cuddles and I looked after her – even finding her dummy when she lost it.  We headed home and on the way I spoke to Bim on the mobile and later, after tea, she came round to see us.  We played lots of games until she went home very tired.  And so was I.

2019:  Sounds like an ideal day. Meanwhile, back in the real world, I had work and have lots of course work to do before my SIA course. And of course cook tea, wash up, tidy up, do the washing …….. but then there is tomorrow!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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