November 17th – Don’t Hang Around

1999: woke at 5.45 – well it is mum’s 9.00 start day.  Watched TV until half six when a not too happy mummy decided she may as well get up.  I had a quick bath as had wet my pajama bottoms and then got dressed.  Big mistake as mum had to find another pair of trousers before we’d left the house.  I’d decided to build my bed and was very proud with my handy work and my wrecked bedroom.  Got to Deedons (D’s are coming back in fashion) just in time for the school run.  Nanny picked me up mid morning and later I spoke to mummy on the phone telling her I had been using Nanny’s make up.  When she got in she discovered that it wasn’t just on me – I’d decorated Nanny and Bomper with make up, glitter and nail polish.  Mum didn’t actually get in until seven, so I missed her reaction to my handy work, as was soundo on the settee. 

2019:  Zof and I took Dom, Seb and Hattie to mums to see Fergie the kitten. Think he will be sleeping well later. Engagement party tonight which was great apart from Zof having to go to the Safe haven at 930 as was so drunk.  Kiegan and I took it in turns at the party and the haven, swapping over every 20 minutes or so. As he was seen in the same part of Prince of Wales by the same police a few times he was handcuffed and deposited at the railway station for loitering!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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