November 15th – No Room In the Bed

1999: Into mums bed in the middle of the night but we soon ended up back in my bed. Mum said that me, Al and Po just did not make it easy to sleep.  She didn’t do much better in my bed with Po and me, as it’s only two foot six and she eventually went back to her bed.  I didn’t wake up too happy but soon settled with milk and play bus.  Mummy had to go to Cambridge today and I said I wanted to go too, but mum said it was only boring old work and I have fun playschool to go to.  I was happy enough with this but I had to take Po, Ernie and Elmo to Edons today, which she later reported was a ‘nightmare’ as no one else was aloud near them. What’s such a nightmare about that?  When mum picked me up tonight we were both tired and tetchy – I was whiney and wanted a cuddle, mum was doing stuff and kept shouting.  The more I cried the more she shouted and vice versa.  We sat down to tea and I said, “say sorry mummy”.  She asked why.  Isn’t it obvious?  “You shouted at me”.  At last I got my cuddle and we made up and mum got upset afterwards!  I got down from the table and gave her a big hug and said “all right now”.  It’s amazing what a cuddle can do.  I wouldn’t mind but that’s all I wanted in the first place!  I ate all my dinner and then mum and I chilled to a long hot bath and Boyzone blasting out.  I went to bed much happier, with Po and milk.

2019:  Work again today. Absolutely shattered after a week of earlies.  I need my sleep.  Better news from mum – she has suggested we go to Cape Verde when I can get the time off. She was going to go on her own in December but realised she couldn’t manage it even with airport assistance!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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