November 9th – Birthday Meals and Cake

1999:  Edons and minders club today.  We went to collect everyone from school and mummy met us in the playground!  She wanted me to show her my ‘school’.  I put her right and told her it was “playschool”.  I showed mummy the way and they were all pleased to see me.  I made mummy a lovely painting and we played with play dough and puzzles – and it’s not even my day.  They told mummy I was doing well – especially with my numbers.  They say I have settled in well and make my needs know.  And grass on the others.  I’ve discovered you have to snitch, as others will happily let you take the blame!  We made a chocolate cake at home, I loved the mixture even putting the spoon in the cake tin and trying for a huge mouthful, but unfortunately intercepted by mum.  We had tea whilst the cakes cooked and got them out of the oven before my bath.  It was seven o’clock by the time we were done, so mum made me go to bed – with bottle and story.  I decided to stay awake until 8.45 following several trips upstairs by mum – who found me looking at my diary and admiring my photos of me, looking at books and moving Spot my dog all around the room (and she only knows the half of it!)

2019:  Working yesterday morning for extra cash allowed me to take Zof out for a well-deserved brunch this morning in Leamington Spa. Tonight we had literally the nicest evening at Queans restaurant for Zof’s Granny’s 70th Birthday.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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