November 13th

1999:  Up at six – just because it’s Saturday!  Mummy tried to cook sausages for sarnies in the microwave/grill, but messed it all up at the last minute by pressing the microwave button instead of the grill one resulting in ‘done in sausages’.  We had marmite sarnies instead – far safer.  I watched a parade on telly this morning with soldiers and bands.  Not to be outdone I used saucepans for my drums, their lids for my cymbals and a microwave bowl tied on my head with a scarf for my helmet!  Aunty Eesa came round and the dream of us kids playing happily whilst they had coffee and cigarettes just didn’t seem to come true.  We had egg and bacon pie with beans for lunch, followed by jam tarts – all home made – which was far more successful than this mornings cooking expedition.  We all piled in the camper van and headed for Southend where we spent time in an indoor adventure playground.  It was all quite good fun but I got very tired and poorly and kept crying for mum (especially when she went down a dark slide and took forever to get back up to the top again).  On the way home we all fell asleep.  I awoke for medicine and milk when we got in and went back to sleep at five with a wicked cough.      

2019:  Work today but have also booked my SIA badge training for first week in December. Looking forward to door work and extra money but not the 13 hous course work I need to do beforehand!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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