November 4th – Its All a Mix UP!

1999: Up at seven and we were lazy  again.  I reminded mummy of her pottery car and plant that I bought her yesterday with my own pennies and she says it’s lovely and very special.  Toddlers this morning but when Edon went to get her coffee I cried and decided to cling – I didn’t want to risk her going anywhere without me again.  Have been in a lovely mood all day, which seemed to make the biguns cheerful.  I gave mummy a big hug when she came to collect me and got nicely into the car without any fuss.  We had pasta for tea and then cuddled up on the settee with strawberry milk!  I was starting to drop off when I saw Uncle Terry on an advert for a show – I was very excited, but fell asleep cuddling mum a while later.

2019: Off today for infusions – only to find its not today – its Wednesday. Not a great start to the week as all planned to do my health and safety training for working on site tomorrow at midday but now have to go into work today and tomorrow and throw £21 down the drain and reschedule. Then need to take Wednesday and Thursday off instead for infusions and recovery with a formal absence meeting already pending and redundancies. Just hope they take anxiety, depression and Crohn’s as the disabilities they are and not random sickness ……

#children #parents #childminders #crohns #mentalhealth #infliximab #toddlers #cuddles

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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