November 3rd Why its Good to Pick those Bogies

1999: Into mum’s bed in the early hours and slept until seven when we dragged ourselves out of bed.  Had bix for brekkie, which I ended up finishing off in the car.  Went to Nan’s at 11.30 and we had a working lunch round Asda. Had some passport photos taken today at Asda but the stool was a bit too low and I only had half a head.  Mummy arrived home at half five, Pa was already there and I’d eaten my tea.  I’d spoken to Pa on the phone earlier and said “I wish you were here” and suddenly he was in the lounge.  Tonight I proudly picked my own nose,  before only mum could do it.  Only difference was I proudly showed everyone – and then ate it. 

2019:  Not gonna lie. Still pick my nose but I flick it or wipe it now! There is actually a book called “Why Picking Your nose and eating bogies is good for you – and other great stories!” But I can’t bloody  find it now. All I can find is goody books like “Don’t pick your nose Ned” and “Picking your Nose: Change your bad habits now!” But scientifically (because I have to know how everything works and why) picking your nose clears it and eating our boogers can actually help build up your immunity and make you better equipped for fighting infections. Infliximab infusions and bogie picking here I come!


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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