October 29th – Cool Motors

1999:  Awoke at 6.30 with the alarm but mum and I both stayed in our own beds until she finished snoozing it.  I went in to see her and said “can I have dippy eggs, with soldiers” (whilst shrugging my shoulders)  Mum was surprised as I have hated eggs until now and especially when I said I didn’t want any milk.  Mum went to the kitchen to make egg and when she returned I was sat on the settee, cushion on lap, ready and waiting – and I ate the lot.  Went with Edon to see her sister today who has a really cool car – the roof disappears!  When mum came to collect me I ran off shouting “don’t like mummy” for all to hear (she’s such an ogre after all) but eventually I climbed into the car. I had a bowl of pear, apple and sweets for tea as I didn’t want any dinner. 

2019: Talking of cool cars, my VW is finally in for repair and I have a courteousy car – a bloomin Nissan Micra. Its that old it has a tape player and my head touches the roof, my knees hit the steering wheel and the gear stick. I feel like a sardine. After cramming myself in and out of it, once home I realised I’d left my flat keys  at the dealers with my car key. So I had to go back again. That’s my street cred out of the window. I’m hiding up for the rest of the day 

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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