October 10th – Recovery Days

1999: Let mummy have a bit of a lie in until 6.15 (although she didn’t actually get out of bed until seven).  We went to Aunty Eesa’s this morning and on the way there mummy asked if I would please use the toilet today instead of keep wetting my pants (amongst other things).  I responded with “sorry mummy, I wee my pants”.  I then proceeded to wet myself twice at Aunty Eesa’s.  I have my defiant head on today, so we left again after lunch.  We cut the grass and then I played in the garden with the hose as there has been another change in the weather and it’s quite warm today.  I got very wet and a bit cold so mummy stripped me off and wrapped me in my blanket and together we sat and watched the Lion King.  After tea mummy made me a tent from the table, table cloths, chairs and the clothes horse.  She said it was too small for her, but I eventually got her in.  I went in the garden and played my bucket drums.  I played very nicely.  So what if it’s 5.45 on Sunday?  At least it’s not morning.  I refused to stop, so following threats was frog marched to bed in tears.  I suppose at least I got milk and a kiss, but I’m not happy and mummy scurried off looking a bit heart wrenched.

2019:  Not much to report today. Recovery day from infusions so just chilled at home looking at past holiday photos and getting excited that our next holiday will probably be our honeymoon.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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