September 29th – The Land of Make Beleive

1999; Up at 7 and wandered into mums room with Peepo book in hand.  Decided to take my umbrella to Edons – it wasn’t raining but it was definitely a wet morning.  By the time Nanny collected me mid morning I had no clean trousers left and I’d left home with 4 pairs!  I had fun playing in Nan’s garden and most of her food cupboard is now in the back of my van, but I have sold it all back to her.  Much the chatter box as ever but am picking things up so easily now.  At one point I told nanny she “make me mad”.  Mummy came home at half five and we stayed at Nan’s for tea and a bath and I washed my own hair from start to finish.

2019: Just about recovered from Friday night. Generally feeling better in myself now and due back to work Tuesday which I am now looking forward to. Tempted by mums text offer asking if I wanted to move to the Pitcairn Island in the Pacific. Apparently you apply for free land (on lease) and just build your own home! She can do the mental health stuff, I can do the emergency stuff and Mark, Zof and Kiegan can develop whatever is good for them. Well Obviously I wanna go. Don’t think Ill get my in Infliximab there though.

 #children #parents #Pitcairn #vocabulary #crohns #mentalhealth 

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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