October 3rd – Rainy Days

1999: Went to the shops with Pa this morning.  Far more interesting that the usual shopping expeditions I have to go on.  This one is direct to the sweet shop and back.  Mummy arrived home at lunch time, shortly followed by Telly. We all ate pasta for lunch and then mum took me to the park.  Just as we arrived it started to rain, but mum had promised – so out we got.  Why have you got that brolly mum?  You’re not going to get a chance to put that up – you have to “play with me”.  After five minutes the rain stopped but my trousers were soaked from the slides and swings.  We stayed for half an hour and then it really poured, we ran to the car but still got drenched. I fell asleep at half four on the settee.

2019: Apparently Aylsham police station phoned mum this morning to say they have my driving licence there if I want to go collect it. I asked her if they had my wallet too then. This she does not know. I cannot count the number of wallets I have lost over the years! Seeing my Wellbeing worker today so hopefully will get my desk and that sorted soon. Mums panicking and sending texts telling me to buy antibacterial wipes and wipe everything down. I guess she did see more of the sepsis than me – I was just delirious when it happened. Joking aside, I do know how lucky I was to survive and am very grateful to all the wonderful staff that looked after me.

#chidren #parents #grandparents #sweets #police #crohns #sepsis #mentalhealth #park #wetdays 


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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