October 2nd – Bad Hair Day

1999: Into bed with mum at three and snuggled down until 7.15.  We had milk and tea and then put our coats on over our pyjamas and drove to Aunty Bim’s (as had to get there before she left for work)!  Mum popped in quickly to collect a dress – I can’t believe she’s dragged me out in this wind and rain just for that.  Al came round this morning – in his police car – a real one!  I sat on his lap for a minute and then stood with mummy to watch the lights and then we waved him off.  I asked mummy if she was better this morning, she said she was a bit better, but her back was still hurting and so I rubbed it better.  We went swimming,  Donals and then to see Aunty Eesa.  I caused havoc by putting a battery operated train, with moving wheels, on Dessica’s head.  Oh dear.  Think I’ve done a wrong one there.  This was confirmed when the scissors had to come out to set her free.  We left quite swiftly following this as mum looked a bit off colour again.  Off to Nanny and Pa’s tonight as mummy is going out- so that’s what the dress was about.  Pa gave me a wicked fire brigade set with engines, helicopters and cranes.  Telly came round and bought me my very first microphone.  Think it must be Christmas especially as I got to sleep in Pa’s bed all night!

2019: Currently working 12 -4 on my phased return which is nice. Occupational report is now in; advising my Crohn’s can be viewed as a disability so that is good as far as sickness and time off for this goes. Hopefully Infliximab will have good effect though and I will only be needing time out for treatment. As well as recommending my own desk (we currently hot desk) due to immune system depletion, they have also recommended a desk near the loo so all’s good.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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