September 19th – Long Meh Days

1999: The house looks a bit tidier now, think mum must have been up all night. Toast and milk for brekkie. Mum started doing a shopping list and I raided the cupboard – mostly fruit cocktail.  Mum thought she had the house sorted, which she did, until I pulled the curtain rail off the wall.  We waited for half an hour to get my feet measured at Childrens World this morning and then we gave up.  Went to MFI to look at my new bed that mum has ordered – wicked!  Had chips from Donals drive through, went to Aunty Eesa’s and onto Somerfield where I went in the crèche with the girls. Once home again, with cupboards re-stocked, we had juice and crisps and then I wanted a lollipop.  We looked in the tin and there was only one left.  Mum said “what about me?”  I thought for a minute and found the solution – “mummy have one later”.  She laughed.  It worked – I got the lolly and fell asleep at half five on my bean bag.

2019: That day sounds exhausting. I am completely drained these last few days. Not sure if it is the depression, anxiety, medication or my Crohn’s but I am just completely meh. Today is gonna be long and just stretching out before me ……..

#crohns #depression #anxiety #mentalhealth #kids #parents #shopping

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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