September 18th – No Spills in MY New House

1999:  Very husky this morning, mummy and Nanny thought my tonsils were swollen so off to the doctors for medicine that goes in your mouth this time.  The whole house is in mummy’s bedroom and the kitchen – what a mess.  I helped Pa build my house with slide which is absolutely brilliant (and tidy).  Dev came just after lunch to lay my bedroom carpet and replace the lounge one.  I fell asleep in the garden on my beanbag whilst the work carried on around me.  I woke up just as Dev was finishing and I waved him goodbye.  Mum and Nan blitzed the place and moved the furniture back.  I felt grouchy though, everyone was so busy they hardly noticed me.  Don’t they love me anymore?  I’m always the centre of attention.  We had fish and chips for tea and I managed to drop my fork, covered in ketchup of course, on the new carpet.  That’s one way to direct the attention back to me I guess  Went to bed in my own bedroom complete with my new teddy bear carpet.

2019: I was always dropping things – still do. Dyspraxia or just not paying attention? Who knows. I think the best one was n Lincolnshire when we’d just renovated the lounge complete with new carpet. I was about 8 and carrying spaghetti bolognaise through to the lounge and watched in horrified slow motion as it just slipped off of my plate. Mum was pretty cool about it though. She was more upset for me losing my favourite dinner so I got to share hers.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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