September 17th – Hidden Disability

1999:  Resistive to going to Edons.  Mum tried to brighten the day by reminding me I had playschool this morning.  I responded with “not play school again mummy”.  That stumped her.  Anyway, I had a lovely day and made a collage and painting.  Was very tired this afternoon though – frustration city.  By the time mum got me in the car I was sobbing (well I tried the evil glare first but that just didn’t seem to work).  I was all right by the time we got home though and had a “little” play in the garden, ate wiggly worms (more boringly known as ‘noodles’) and went to sleep.

2019: Today I have applied for my Blue Badge for parking for a hidden disability. Just waiting for the glares I get for “running” to the disabled loo and walking out with a look of relief. But anyone following after my Crohn’s  poo may well change their mind!

#crohns #disability #kids #mums #childminders #bluebadge


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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