September 10th – The Art of Playschool and Pebble Dashing!

1999- awoke at 1.30 only to find myself on my mattress on the floor of mummy’s room.  What’s going on mum?  I wanted to take my mattress to my room but settled for getting into bed with mum as apparently mums at the old painting game again.  Her bedroom is piled high with all my stuff.  I wouldn’t mind but she would moan like hell if my room looked like this.  Off to my first day of playschool today – Yippee – and I loved it.  I waved Edon off and told mummy later that I’d had a nice time.  I played in the sand with the lorries and did some painting.  Edon picked me up at midday and after lunch we went to toddlers.  Mum picked me up with another present – a new pair of action man wellies.  Hhmm.  I think they’re a bit on the big side mum.  Emma came into the garden to play tonight and we took her home when tea was ready.  Edon came round tonight with my first playschool painting and my creative empty box model.  Complete works of art.

2019:  Went to Zofs parents for dinner last night for  birthday dinner as I had whipped her off to Rome for her actual birthday and proposal. Another double celebration. Got an email from Norfolk police as passed their eligibility criteria on line. The only bit that that might not be good was the question asking if I had any disability which would stop me getting into and driving a police car. I truthfully answered no but there might be something that stops me staying in the police car on a bad crohn’s day.  Perhaps I could include a bed pan in my personal equipment?!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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