September 8th – Woah! Slow Down ……

1999 Awoke in the early hours in mums bed, but no mum!  I called and she responded from my bed.  I went and joined her and awoke again at half six, in my own bed, but once again – no mum.  Found her in her bed.  God, she’s so restless some nights.  Mum wasn’t too keen on getting up, even when I told her I wanted to go “wee”.  She simply said “go on then” but I told her “I can’t”.  She’d obviously decided there was no such word today, and with instructions from the bed, I opened the bathroom door, took my pajama’s and nappy off and sat myself on the toilet to do a wee and a poo.  I even attempted to wipe my bum, but needed a bit of assistance which was duly given. I was then left alone with T.V. and milk until the creature known as mum decided to arise from her murky depths at half seven.  Got into the car with temptation of Sabre (he’s still Denis), but then mum forgot and turned the wrong way – towards the train station – but even the train was in bed.  I arrived at Edons a bit disconcerted and even ran off saying “no Edon”.  However, I soon happily booted mum out the door once I realised Josh was there.  Nanny collected me mid morning and within half an hour I’d bumped my head three times and shut my finger in the door.  No major damage though.  Telly came round and we all traipsed to Southend and Bomper came too.  Telly took me in the buggy to look around the football shop at Southenf Utd.   Luckily he didn’t get too distracted and lose me!  Once home mum measured me as everyone keeps saying how tall I’ve got.  I’ve grown 2cm’s in three months = 95 cm’s (or 3ft 1 3/4″ for oldies like mum).  She’ll have to get metric soon – I start school on Friday – ‘Playschool’, I keep proudly telling all.  Fell asleep at eight in my bed.  Please leave me alone tonight mum – I need my sleep.

2019: Up early for breakfast in bed and our first day as an engaged couple. I wouldn’t mind, but Zofs already planning the wedding.  Slow down. We need an engagement party first. Leisurely day in Rome and a late flight back to Luton where mum was waiting for us. Love Rome and cant wait to take our kids there. Oh yeah. We supposed to be slowing this down ……

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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