August 5th – We Will Get to Rome

1999:  We watched TV. had milk and bix (I pulled mummy’s chair out for her to sit down at the table).  I didn’t really want my bix, but mummy helped and I eventually ate it all just so we could find the Tubbie picture at the bottom of the bowl.  I jumped in mum’s bath and got dressed all ready to go to daddy’s. Ha, ha.  Mummy dressed me too early and I got covered in paint, sand and water in the garden.  One quick change later and I was ready to go. Arrived back home at half five, when  Grandmas apparently reported my busy day; played in the pool with my cousins, wasn’t too happy when I got soaked with the hose, but soon cheered up once I’d reeked my revenge!

 2019: Panic stations! Off to Rome tomorrow for Zofs birthday surprise. Have been trying to change my name for 3 weeks as got my r and o mixed up in my surname (dyslexia) and booked flight back at 6am on Sunday morning instead of Monday morning! Just as well as now have my barium at 8.30 am on Monday but would like a later flight Sunday giving us two full nights at the hotel and more time in Rome . Freaked out even more when hotel sent me an email offering extra services of Burlesque dancers and sex toys in the room! This is supposed to be romantic? I have booked rose petals and bubbly in the room for Saturday night and I couldn’t keep the destination a surprise anymore and told Zof where we are going. I gave her an early birthday card with 50 euros. Hopefully now my Crohns will settle down!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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