September 3rd – Poo, Crohns and Antidepressants

1999: Woke up at half six, in my bed, I’m sure I was in a coach last time I looked.  Had a big cuddle with mum and had to drag her out of bed this morning.  We hung the washing on the line and I spied the moon. Mummy’s explanation as to why the moon and the sun were there only served to complicate things so she wound up saying that it the moon wasn’t tired enough to go to bed yet.  I shouldn’t think so; it’s not night time yet.  I think I might be missing the point somewhere.  Had a late lunch, and a nap on the sofa at Edons today so mum and I had lots of relaxing time to play this evening.  I climbed the ladder to my new, part built house, and then pretended to be a fireman and then a police man.  Mummy reckons they don’t have poo in their pants though.  But I was in a scary situation mum!

2019: Finally told mum that I was off sick from work still and my GP is in holiday. Encouraged me to ring and get appointment with any doctor or nurse practitioner which I did. Now on 30mg of Mirtazapine (as advised by mum, as 30mg is antidepressant dose and best for my stomach with Crohns – its handy having your own mental health nurse mum at times (but it can be very annoying at others!))

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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