August 31st – From Potty Training Accidents to Real Life Ones

1999   I somehow managed to do a wee on the lounge carpet when I wasn’t looking this morning.  Following this I sat on my potty for 15 minutes trying to poo – no luck.  Soon made up for it at Edons though – I did 3 – some in my pants.  Oops.  Mum picked me up at five and she’s bought me a present – 2 little chairs for the garden with smiley faces on.  I wanted chips for tea so mum made some with fish fingers, but I’d gone off the idea by the time she dished up.  I watered the plants, painted my chairs, played in the sand and climbed the ladders to my house.  Mum eventually tempted me to have a bath at half six, with the promise of milk on the settee afterwards.  She came through with her promise and I was asleep by seven.

2019: Well I don’t think I had Crohns at the age of two but the story sounds familiar. No painting or playing today – Zofs at work and I’m home doing the cleaning (after going out in the early ours to collect her from Norwich due to a drunken night out). Mum text to say she has booked my flu jab for October. Just need to check this with infusions with IBD nurse when I see her next. Finally for August, I became a fully qualified life guard 5 years ago today gaining my National Lifeguard Pools Qualification and First Aid which I have used several times since. If an accidents gonna happen it usually happens in front of me! (or to me)

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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