August 30th – When Playing was More Fun Than Shopping

1999: Got in with mum at three and was transferred back to bed at half six.  Something to do with waking mummy with several kicks to the stomach and legs.  Why penalise me?  I was asleep!  I gave her half an hour to settle back down and then I snuck back in.  We both snuggled down until eight and when mum woke up I greeted her with “hello darling”.  What’s so funny?  She says it to me all the time.  I have suddenly decided I like eggs, so this morning I had a more conventional breakfast of boiled eggs and dippy soldiers.  It was so nice I requested another one.  This was granted after 3 minutes of boiling by which time I’d changed my mind. We went to Asda with Nan but I decided I don’t like this shopping game.  After being dragged up off the floor a couple of times and then chased around the foyer, I was firmly plonked in the trolley, but then – to keep total control – decided I wanted a wee! Afterwards Nanny let me sit in the back of the trolley but this eventually resulted in 3 broken yoghurt pots, mess everywhere and mummy seething.  That’ll teach her to drag me out shopping.  When we got home, Pa was there building my house.  I jumped in (well climbed up the ladder – chill mum, chill) to lend a helping hand.  I’ve been playing with the water most of the day.  I’m covered in tree sap, sawdust and I want a bath outside again.  The suns gone in and mum says it’s best to go in and have a nice hot bath to make me all warm again.  Great idea mum – except its 4.30 and the water doesn’t come on until five.  Oooh mum its cold.  Too late it’s just been poured all over me with a flannel.  She did rescue me though – once the truth dawned (it takes a while).

2019: I remember my ‘house’ that Pa built. It had two levels with wooden steps leading to the upper level which was complete with hand built, wooden table and chairs and a slide coming off of it. Many happy hours of play. We actually took it down and took it to Lincolnshire with us, but by the time it came round to being put up, I was too big for it. At least I got a good 2 ½ years of play out of it. Mum always reminds me of the time she was digging the garden and I found two worms. I decided to take them on my slide, one in each hand. Unfortunately I held them so tight to keep them safe, that they weren’t moving afterwards!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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