August 28th – Painting with Toddlers

1999:  Mum was home and in her bed this morning when I woke.  I drew a picture and we put it on the fridge.  Well, we tried to anyway – the magnets kept falling off!  I found it hysterical, mummy said “oh bloody hell” and so did I, only to be told that it was a naughty word!  There goes another piece of vocabulary to be scrubbed.  Eventually mum got the picture on the fridge and then I took all the magnets off and it fell to the floor -she laughed.  Phew!  Pa came round to cut the rest of the trees down with a very noisy machine called a chain saw.  I was very concerned so I just sat at the top of my slide supervising.  I had a nap this afternoon and when I woke up all the trees were gone and we had daylight in our garden at last.  The chair from the hall was in the garden and I went to sit on it.  Pa hollered – how was I supposed to know mum had painted it?  At least the cream paint design on my hand looks groovy.  Later I noticed mum had taken the letter box off the front door.  I put my head up to the door to peep outside through the hole.  Oh, God Mother!  There’s paint everywhere, even on my forehead!   We went for baths and had two separate ones as mum is covered in gloss paint, creosote and tree sap.  Me?  I’m covered in ice cream, gloss paint, sand, mud and wee!

2019:  Not much drawing or mess today. Getting myself ready for going back to work tomorrow after a month off and feeling a bit Meh about it. Will have to leave early tomorrow as have gastro appointment. Hopefully I will finally get a treatment plan

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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