August 26th – Playing the Fame Game

1999:  Mummy has gone to Edinburgh to see Uncle Terry at the Fringe. Nanny picked me up from Edons today.  I didn’t want to get in the car but we had to get home for the man with the washing machine (he can wait can’t he?)  Perhaps not.  I decided not to speak to Nanny all the way home. Luckily for Nanny the man in the van turned up.  Hooray!  But Nanny needed to talk to the man and ignore me.  This resulted in me throwing myself on the kitchen floor, running out to the front door, throwing my saucepans on the floor and insisting on my baby bottle for my milk.  Nanny thought I’d swallowed a 666 pill.  Once the man went I played in the garden as good as gold and then my friend Pa arrived and we had our tea.  I ate all my pasta up and then I helped with the washing up, gave myself a bath, did my own inhalers and sang a few songs on stage (okay it was a rug).  Next Nan and Pa took their turns and I clapped when Pa bowed and on my next turn, not to be outdone, I did the same.  I spoke to mummy on the phone and then I went to bed insisting that Pa went with me and guess who went to sleep first? 

2019:  Long drive today from Beccles to Thorpe Park with friends for a birthday celebration. I drove and got the free ticket. Very Cohn’s friendly – just took my medical evidence and got fast track pass for all three of us. Great but tiring day. Always good to use up that anxiety provoking adrenaline in a good way. Not sure if Ed had any surprise guests tonight but it was reported that he gave all the pupils and teachers at his Framlingham school complimentary tickets. Great to see a famous person who’s down to earth.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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