August 25th – Storm Chasing

1999: Slept right through in my own bed much to my disgust and mums relief.  Mum made milk and bix which I ended up eating in the car on the way to Edons.  Nanny collected me mid-morning and I was very excited to see Bomper in the car.  He was poorly though so we had to look after him and we took him home after lunch.  I spoke to Pa and mummy on the phone this afternoon.  When mummy came home I had already started eating my tea then there was a big bang of thunder and a flash of lightening.  My tea forgotten, I clung to mummy for the next hour incase the “thunder got me”.  Mummy drove Nan and I batty flicking from channel to channel to see the news.  Something to do with Uncle Terry being nominated for the Perrier award at Edinburgh Fringe.

2019:Cant believe I was afraid of storms. They completely fascinate me know and I will stay up all night to watch them. Would love to go storm chasing!  Back to the beer and cider festival today at the Norman Warrior in Lowestoft (although Zof did text Mum and asked if we wanted to go to the Norman Worrier!) This reminds me of the other day when we saw Sextuplets advertised on Netflix and she thought it was about sex! They say you marry your mum! Went to Lady of the Lake tonight, meanwhile Stormzy was at Chantry Park with Ed. We definitely got our nights wrong!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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