August 24th – Working to Pay the Bills

1999: Restless night – in and out of mums bed.  Well, if she will keep putting me back in my bed what does she expect?  Snuck back in with mum five minutes before the alarm which made its usual sounds at seven – as did mum!  I jumped out, switched off the alarm before she could snooze it and just to make sure said “up now mummy”. Sliced  banana and grapes for breakfast and then to Edons. It was raining and miserable tonight so we had to stay in watching tots TV and after tea I helped mummy by doing the washing up.  Mum and I painted the bathroom.  She was just touching up and I actually got a real live paint brush and some paint and I was allowed to paint the walls.  Either I was very brave or she was very stupid.  But it went okay.  Later I talked to Nan on the phone and told her all about it.  I looked at my diary tonight and saw the photo of me with Dylan the Dinosaur which I thought was cool.  Mum and I lit some candles and cuddled up on the settee to watch TV.  I told mum Dylan was asleep on his chair so we had to be quiet.  Sshh.  At eight I blew out the candles and went up to bed.  Dylan was already there according to mum, but I couldn’t see him anywhere.


2019: Slept like a log last night when we eventually got in from seeing Ed. Today mum and Mark went  through our finances and bills to try and help get us straight. I love living with Zof but this world is so expensive. I hate my job but it pays a wage and my sick leave runs out next week so am psyching myself up to get back. On the plus side, Norfolk constabulary are recruiting. I completed the eligibility criteria and got through as no mention of grade c maths being needed. Just Level 3 diploma which I have in public services. Just need to wait for an email now……… Fingers crossed my Crohn’s doesn’t let me down. Hopefully will be more under control soon as now have Barium, Consultant and IBD Nurse appointment all in the next two weeks!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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