August 23rd – Ed Sheeran Back Home


– After eventually settling down in my own bed last night, I slept through until half six.  I wanted milk but mum said to wait for the alarm.  Then I wanted her to play and she said the same.  The long awaited alarm finally went off at seven and I ran to her bedroom, pressed the snooze and said “play with me now mummy?”  She did chuckle.  There’s nothing better than making your mother sit on the bedroom floor playing with trucks and lorries at seven in the morning.  This proves true devotion.  I eventually had my milk whilst mum showered and dressed.  When Mum came to collect me rom Edons she was closely followed by Pa who had come to collect Edons slide which is kindly being donated to the Jack C.A. fund.   As Pa folded the slide up it whacked me on the head.  Oih!  Stick to bashing your own head if you don’t mind.  I was soon consoled by a trip home in Pa’s van and I got to wear his baseball cap with ‘the boss’ written on it.  Rather fitting – I think this should be donated too.  Pa put my slide up and shredded up some of the trees he and mum had cut down.   Pa stayed for a picnic tea in the garden of pasta and garlic bread.  I had a bath and fell asleep on the settee.  Apparently Nanny came round for her tea and to collect more washing but I missed her as I was in the land of nod.


2019:  Back over to mums this morning to take dad to the Rookery for golf. Picked Kiegan up and we had 200 balls on the driving range. We were supposed to play 9 holes after but we were all to kanckered! We had fun though and vowed to make it a monthly thing ……..

What can I say about tonight other than Ed Sheeren at Chantry Park? We were hoping Stormzy or 50cent might make a guest appearance but it was just him and his guitar but a great night all the same and amazing for someone at the end of a 900 day tour. Lewis Capaldi is his starter tomorrow and we got …….  the Darkness. Great Christmas present mum but tomorrow night might have been even better!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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