August 22nd – Swearing is for Grown Ups

1999:  I went in to mum’s room complete with my new trucks that Pa bought me.  Mum had bought me a recorder and I spent all morning tooting my head off.  I asked mummy to build a tunnel out of video boxes for my trucks.  Mum has now worked out that this is something Pa did yesterday but she can’t quite work out the right structure.  In frustration I brought my hand down on the videos and said “sake”.  Mums just glad I haven’t got the hang of the first word and has now taken a vow to curb her language.  Off to daddy’s today – Granddad picked me up.  I played with my cousins and Gran reported that I had been on the go all day, but as usual I was sound asleep on arrival home.  I woke up at ten when I left my bed and went into mums to find her with all her candles on, lying in bed reading the paper.  She had apparently been hoping for an early night.  Midnight isn’t exactly late is it?!


2019:  Ironically enough, without seeing todays diary yet, I posted on FB – My mum doesn’t tell me off for saying F*** anymore and that’s how I know I’m an adult now. Over to see the step daddy today for a few birthday bevvies and a Chinese. Kiegan came over too, we had a good catch up and dad spent the evening (and probably the next week) in his new Man U birthday shirt that Kiegan an I went halves on (I’l get the money to him eventually)


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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