August 21st – Toilet Training Potetial

1999:  I’m going to stay with Nanny and Pa – mummy is going to some Virgin concert.  I told mum that I was going to play lots of little and big games with Nan and Pa, and play I did.  Pa made a helicopter and an aeroplane from my play paper and made them fly!  I was so impressed I did a huge wee (in the right place) and then we went to Tesco’s and I did a big wee in the big boys toilet (it’s great to be out with Pa again).  We looked at all the toys and Pa bought me a new lorry. We went to the horse sanctuary to find lots of real horses and their babies and I had a ride on an elephant (that wasn’t quite so real!)  I went on a big boy’s assault course – with Nanny’s help – and did another wee in the big boy’s toilet.  I’m so grown up today – if only mummy would realise my potential.  We caught a bus home – a big double decker and I sat at the top at the front.  We had fish and chips for tea – the most fun was getting the tomato sauce out of the sachet.   I had a bath and eventually slept at ten; cuddling my new lorry.


2019: Mum rang gastro secretary again yesterday but still no response to my colonoscopy and greatment plan but today I got letter for Barium Meal and follow through (!) in September. Lost my vape again today so am going niocotine crazy! Mum got letter back from the council – I have 4 parking fines so another £200 has now been put on the Sainsburys card to clear them

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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