August 12th – Daily Battles

1999: Oooh.  Help.  Think mum’s turned into an axe murderer.  She must have killed Postman Pat and his van and splattered them all over the bathroom wall.  This can be the only plausible explanation as to why the walls are now a bloody, pillar box red!  Even my mum would surely not spend time and money painting the bathroom to make it look like this?!  Forget the sunglasses; we need the eclipse viewers to go for a wee now.   And she was worried about the gold carpet!  Mum wasn’t in a very good mood this morning.  She went ballistic when she stood on the wet rug in the lounge, accusing me of weeing it.  If only she’d have smelt it before her paddy she would have realised it was juice.  We went to see Aunty Karen and Agal and we all went to the zoo a Colchester.  It cost nearly ten pound to get in and mummy claims it’s the first time she’s had to pay for a nervous breakdown!  I don’t know what her problem is, I was quiet happy wandering around on my own for 10 minutes or so.  When she caught up with me I was marched off to some office and made to say sorry to the lady.  The lady said it was okay, lots of parents get lost every day!  As we were leaving I heard her on the radio saying “the little boy has been found”.  Oh dear.  Someone’s mummy must have been worried. Agal and I had a lovely time and I fell asleep on the drive home from Karens and woke up to find myself at the dentist for my first proper check up. I’ve got all 20 baby teeth and the man says they are okay.  I sat in his big chair, looked at a big light and opened my mouth as I’d seen mum do a hundred times before me.  I got two stickers and so I gave one to mummy but I’ve since lost mine.  When we got home Nanny came round to examine the disaster area, or murder scene, and gave us some compensatory advice (Oh God, what’s mother going to do now? Only time will tell).  Eesa came over tonight and I played with Dandell and Dessica until half eight and then we were off to bed; Dandel and I in mum’s bed and Dessica in mine.  There was lots and lots of giggling until ten when I was transferred to my bed and Dessica into mummy’s with Dandell. Ooops!  We were trying to be quiet. 

2019: I was always wandering off especially in Asda. Id walk directly to the customer service desk just so I could get spoilt and listen to “Would the mother on Jack please come to Customer Services” be announced over the tannoy! No going out, getting lost or socialising today although I am keeping contact with the outside world on the x box an looking forward to Call of Duty Modern Warfare being released on 25th October

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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