August 9th – Life’s Ups and Downs

1999:   Into mum’s bed at half three as I was soaking wet, as was the bed.  Mum changed me and then I snuggled down in her bed whilst she went to sort out the wet sheets.  Well there’s no point us both being up is there?!  I was restless from half six but mum had to put up with it, as she wouldn’t budge until eight when I definitely wanted my milk.  She wasn’t very happy saying she had a headache.  Well so did I.  I was dehydrated.  She soon cheered up when she got back into bed as I gave her a big cuddle and said “I love you”.  Have I said something wrong?  I’ve made her cry again.   We went to Wickes to get  shingle for the path that mum is making and then we went to see Aunty Eesa.  We all piled in the camper van and went to Donals and then to Allieds to choose a new carpet for the lounge.  Dessica and I were having great fun clambering over all the expensive rugs, until Dandell grassed on us!   We had fun while it lasted though.  On the way home Dessica and I were worn out so started nodding off.  Peace and relaxation.  What’s that racquet?  Mum stop singing.  Can’t you see we’re trying to sleep? “Mary, Mary” and “Twinkle, twinkle” at the top of her voice, on and on she went while Dessica and I just stared in amazement at one another.  What possible reason could there be for this outburst other than the fact that she’s finally flipped?!

2019: Well now I know the singing was purposefully to keep us awake so we weren’t up half the night! I’m sleeping pretty well now with the Mirtazapine but I’m also eating everything in sight. I’m too demotivated to cook so eating lots of junk and cant motivate to get to the gym. Been playing on x-box again and Mum dropped the Wii and Wii fit round today so I might be able to get a little bit of exercise. Mum also dropped round a framed phot of me and Zof at the Crohn,s and Colitis Ball we went to in February.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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