August 4th – Walking Disasters

1999:   Swimming this morning and I got very brave with Pa’s help (I’ve always been brave really it’s just that Pa’s around to tell mum to stop stressing) jumping and diving in with my head going under water. After lunch mum took off my t-shirt and was putting it in soak and whilst her back was turned I made my escape down the caravan steps.  Everything was going fine – until I fell – Nan screamed, mum ran and water went everywhere.  Pa, who had been shaving at the time, stopped to clean up the water and afterwards realised he’d left his shower running with the plug in the small bath area and there was an even bigger flood to contend with!  I had a cut on my head and a bump on my elbow and the lady from the next caravan came running over with an ice pack.  Later, mummy wished she’d borrowed it and taken it out with us.  We went on the train to Dymchurch and I wanted to go donkey riding on the beach but the queue was a bit long so we went in the amusements for a while.  When we came out, the queue had gone, and mum said if I did a quick wee I could go and have a ride.  I weed like a good boy in my travel pot, and just as I was finishing the donkey trailer, complete with donkeys drove past us – on its way home.  I took it in good form and we found a soft play area instead.  I lasted in the play area 10 minutes, before I jumped down 5 steps and found a hard landing at the bottom hurting my ankle which, despite wet tea towels, continued to swell.  When we got back to the station we had to wait 45 minutes for a train.  Mum cuddled me and sang to me walking up and down the platform, until I fell asleep – anything to drown out the noise of her singing voice.  When I woke up I was in the caravan and cried because my foot hurt and I couldn’t walk on it.  We went to the hospital where I continued to hop and cry and get cuddles on demand.  There was a very pretty nurse there and she asked me to walk over to her, so I showed her my very best walk – with two feet.  I think mum might need to see the doctor – she’s looking very red for some reason.  Anyway, the nice nurse strapped up my ankle and off I ran.  We didn’t get back for tea until nine and at ten mum gave me my milk and some Calpol, which I promptly threw back up everywhere – along with hula hoops and chocolate that I’d had after my tea.  Mum cleaned me then handed me to Pa, mum got in the shower and Nan cleaned up the mess.  I went to bed, out of harms way.  Relief, everyone can now relax.  Not quite, Nan knocked the liquid air freshener over, the towel rail fell off the door and Pa had to fix it and another bed had to be sorted for Nanny because hers is covered in vomit.  Good night.

2019:  Zof came home today after a few days at her mums. We both needed a bit of breathing space but I cannot escape from my anxiety an depression right now. Zof suggested going for a picnic in the park but we compromised with a make shift BBQ on the steps of our flat. The instant, disposable BBQ’s aren’t as great as the real thing and we only have the steps to sit on but we made it our own (and at least there were no disasters today!)

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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