August 1st – I’ve Lost My Wheels

1999: Up at 7.15 and Nanny and Pa were all ready up – it’s so refreshing to have decent company and conversation at this time of morning.  Pa cooked breakfast for us all and then we donned cossies and hit the pool – with arm bands.  After swimming and lunch we headed for the station to catch the train to Hythe, where I fell asleep in my buggy whilst they pushed me round Somerfield.  We had gone for a ‘small shop’, but this had apparently rapidly increased in size until there was a trolley full and there were no taxis in sight.  Next I knew my buggy and their arms were full and they trudged 1/2 mile in the sweltering sun (not me, my bum was firmly glued to my seat).  Just as we got to the station my wheel fell off the buggy so Pa had to half carry me, bags and buggy the last leg.  We just made it in time for the last train but then held it up whilst we loaded all our gear on.  On the train home I started weeing but Mum saved the day (and the shouting) by emptying the wet wipes box and I used it like a pot!  Two stops later we were informed that we had to change carriages as they were taking our one off, so off we went with loads of bags and a box of wee!  When we went through a tunnel Mum emptied the box of wee out the window, which promptly hit the wall and came back in through the window all over her

2019: Headache and toothache gone but now I’m just feeling Meh. I’m so stressed about money and debt and like a Martian I have gone into my cave. My mood has hit rock bottom again and I’m shutting off from the world but know I have to do something about it. I made a doctors appointment, went and opened up as much as us men can and am now on Mirtazapine.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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