July 20th – From Sleepy Fun Days to Long Tiring Ones

1999:  Mum’s taking all sorts for her hay fever (unfortunately not the liquorice kind otherwise I’d definitely share) and appears even more confused than usual (if that’s at all possible).  Went to the toddlers club party with Edon this morning and then she dropped me off at Nanny’s.  Nanny packed a picnic and we set off to Danbury lakes.  When we arrived I was sound asleep and Nanny couldn’t wake me and so she had to drive me all the way home again and lift me to the settee.  I eventually woke up four hours later!   Pa was at home this afternoon (he’d left work early to come and see me – I expect it was very interesting watching me snoring) and when mummy arrived she found us playing in the garden with my van.  She kissed me hello on the back of the head and I responded by wiping the area with my hand and saying “no kiss me”.  We played in the garden, ate dinner had a bath and went home to bed.

2019:  Poor mum. All those wiped off kisses. Long long day today.  Zof and I left home at 6 am and got back at midnight following my first experience of driving in and out of London and filming. Cant say too much at the moment but more news to follow in future weeks/months. I had hope for a fertility test today but, due to pending medication changes for Crohns, this was not done as changes with different treatments.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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