July 15th -White Van Man

1999:  This morning mum found all marks over the TV. screen.  I told her I’d been painting, but she’s yet to find out what with, but hasn’t ruled out the candle!  Went to Edons and we went to my planned pre-school to collect starting times and then of to Nanny’s with Bomper.  Pa came home early and presented me with my very own, child size, wooden white van which he had made. It’s official – I’m an Essex white van man!  I thought it was Pats van and asked where the cat was, I looked but I couldn’t find him anywhere!  Then I decided it was an ice cream van and sold 99’s to everyone

2019: Now that would be a good job – driving a van all day, not to go work on site, but surrounded by ice cream. Think I’d probably eat all the profits though! Meanwhile I’ll continue with the day office job which, although restrictive, is much better on my body than the building work was. Although some days just getting out of bed is a mission.  I have had some interesting, non work, phone calls over the last few days which could lead to something interesting, so watch this space for further announcements

#toddlers #growingup #mums #parents #grandparents #Essex #whitevanman #Postmanpat #crohns #IBD #Icecream #toys #carpentry

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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