July 10th – Nail and Sky Decorations

1999:  I didn’t want breakfast – I wanted a lollipop.  Mum said I could have an ice lolly but then I spied the apple pie and custard ice-cream Nanny had brought for us yesterday.  So, that was breakfast.  Closely followed by a banana on the way to swimming.  We went to Maldon and swum in the ‘bubbles’.  I wanted to stay there all day but mum lured me away with the thought of a Donals burger happy meal.  I did my usual falling asleep trick on the way home and mum did her usual appearing me on the settee trick ready for when I woke up, which I did at 3.15 and in a very happy mood.  I watered the entire garden with the water from my paddling pool and then I decided to paint my toy car and my finger nails.  I held out my hands and said I looked like Aunty Bim which mummy found hysterical.  Aunty Bim has lovely long painted nails – apparently mummy owes her three from when I was born – she’d apparently arrived in the labour room perfectly groomed but mum had somehow snapped three, but it’s okay, I didn’t notice.  This evening we went to Aunty Eesa’s and when we arrived Dandell and Dessica were already in bed, and I soon followed.

2019: Day off today and headed over to see mum who, is now back from visiting in Ireland but off of work due to spinal denervation and fibromyalgia. We had a good catch up about Ireland and the last time I was there for the ball and found the above pic of me meeting up with Jacob again after 11 years  and with Kate about to let Abby’s balloons go the day after the ball.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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