July 9th – Painting a Smile with Scars

1999:  I insisted on playing under mummy’s bed at 6am but and she wasn’t too impressed.  It was good fun though – I’d removed all the toilet rolls from the bathroom cupboard and created a new storage space below the bed!    We walked to the shops and then to the park and while we were there the fire engine arrived.  This was meant to be for the children at playschool to look at, but guess who got first look inside?  And mummy was second.  We went home and played in the front garden, for a change.  I was allowed to bring my car and bike out whilst mummy cut the grass.  It was a very hot day today and Mummy filled up half of my shell with water so I had a paddling pool one side and a sandpit the other.  Mummy got the paints out and I painted 3 nice pictures as well as my feet, mummy’s feet, my car and the paving slabs in the garden.  Nanny popped round with 4 new pairs of shorts and two posters for my room which mummy and I put up tonight.  After tea we went for another walk down to the shops as mum had forgotten to get the milk when we went earlier!  I didn’t mind though as I got to chomp on a strawberry Cornetto on the way back.  

2019:  So a year ago I’d had surgery, walked, weed, eaten and pooed and was finally allowed to come home and posted this:

“You know its mad what trauma can do to your mind; I ised to be so conscious about my body , always wanted to have good aesthetics and have the “perfect” body image; and after going through 18 months of hell and finally getting surgery; you know what? I don’t care what should be right or wrong or what the “perfect” image should be, Im just right in my own way, my scars define me and what I have been through physically, emotionally and mentally. Jack is back and Im walking with a smile on my face and bringing scars to 2018.

#crohns #IBD #chronicillness #toddlers #childhood #adulthood #fun #surgery

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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