July 8th – All Work and No Play

1999:  We picked up Uncle Teddy (who’s now back at his own house) this morning and then to Nan’s.  Nan packed a bag full of food and we piled in the car and headed for Burnham.  We had a nice long walk by the water, stopped for a picnic, followed by 2 ice-creams.  On the way home I fell asleep and awoke on the settee at 3.30, whereupon we got back into the car and went to Aunty Eesa’s.  I stroked Daisy dog (very brave) and played with Dandell and Dessica and we had a great pillow fight. We stayed for sausages, Alphabites and beans and then bundled into the bath.  I thought it was great fun to soak Dandell’s hair but Aunty Eesa wasn’t quite as amused.  Apparently it’s not hair wash day.  Well, if you’d only have said! Home to bed

2019: Work work work today. No ice creams or fun – apart from cooking tea.  Getting restless now.  Need another city break with my queen. Loved Budapest and feel the need to get away. Still, will be away at the end of the month but not so sure running up and down a mountain can be counted as a break!

#toddlers #family #Burnham #childhood #adulthood #icecream #Budapest #Citybreak #Snowdon

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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