June 30th – Explosions

1999:  Went to Edons and Nanny picked me up mid morning.  Had an accident at Edons (with the training thing) but was good as gold with Nanny. Well I am her angel, I don’t like to disappoint.  We walked over to the town and back with Bomper and Nanny bought me some blowing bubbles.  Mummy came home at 5.30, with a “thumping head” – whatever that may be.  Had a shower at Nan’s and Pa came home just in time for me to say goodbye.        

2019: Heatwave weekend.  Picked Mum up and took her to the Lido in Beccles for a sunbathe and swim. I didn’t give her any choice as decided she needed to get out of the house following surgery and back into the land of the living. She enjoyed the day and was even happier when she discovered gluten free hot dogs being sold. Is it an allergy asked the girl serving. “Yes” I replied ” she blows up and explodes” The girl looked startled and exclaimed “Really” When I followed up with “Yes. Its happened before and I had to pick up all the pieces” the penny dropped. This triggered Mum to AGAIN tell me the story on my first football match at Southend with Uncle terry. I asked when the match would be finished and he told me “when the ref blows up”. Apparently my face was a picture. Cooked BBQ at Mums  tonight and watched Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.   Zof and I fell asleep and so decided to watch Chamber of Secrets …. fell asleep again and ended up staying the night

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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