July 2nd – Bedtime Stories

1999:  Tonight Mummy told me a story about a lovely little boy called Jack, who lives with his mummy and has his very own bedroom but he spends most nights in his mummy’s bed, so he’s really got two!  Jacks mummy goes to work and so Jack spends most of his days with a lady he calls Edon.  Jacks mummy misses him and she can’t wait to get home at the end of the day to give him a big hug hello.  One day his mummy came to collect him and he sat on the toilet and did a wee.  His mummy put his pants on him and then they set off to the park.  Mummy had brought ham, cheese, chicken and cracker Luncheables and two cans of fizz.  Jack munched on these while he played and later they went for a walk.  They crossed a field and walked up a big hill and when they got to the top they found a big lake and sat and watched the ducks swimming.  They went back to the car and Jack drove it around the car park.  When they got home mummy decided to start cutting down the conifer trees in the garden and Jack helped.  They were both very grubby and had to have a big soapy bath to get clean.  Then they went to bed.  I thought it was a lovely story.  Can we do that one day mum?!

2019:  Mum used to make up all sorts of stories about our days and fantasy too.  She even made up a story to my Moonbeams projector when I was a baby, which she wold tell me every night, as the pictures went across the ceiling. She still has paper stories which have been in the draws for 20 years and will one day try to get these published. At least I acted today and went to the gym before work. My fundraising days at Aviva have changed and start tomorrow, which is slightly spooky as a year ago tomorrow I was having 28cm of my bowel removed.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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